The Race Tracks
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We have 9 themed tracks all offering a different experience all designed to engage you in a racing frenzy.
All our tracks are computerised giving you the ability to set races or just try for the fastest lap time.

Stonerig Tracks prices per person.


30 Mins


60 Mins


90 Mins


120 Mins

About Our Tracks

All our tracks are hand made from
a wide variety of new and recycled
With over 50+ years
combined graphic design and textile
design experience we have created
individual pieces of interactive
artwork. Each track 
provoking a
visual and mental stimulus.

About Our Tracks

We have 9 tracks in total which are
continuously maintained and
updated. As you can see from the
images of the track on the left or
above ( if viewing from a mobile), this
is our latest track which will be an
Egyptian theme park.

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