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Formula One simulation
and virtual reality

Who is your Formula One Hero? Senna, Hill, Schumacher? Get the experience that puts you in their seat. 
Formula One Simulation is at the pinnacle of motor sports today, so imagine sitting yourself in a full size
replica car that will simulate you racing on any of the worlds GP tracks. 

Simulator Features

  • Full size replica F1 car

  • Logitec THX certified surround sound system

  • Oculus Rift virtual reality

  • Triple screen display

  • Buttkicker vibration system

  • Direct drive force feed back system

  • Fanatec F1 steering wheel

  • Top gear style leader board

  • Advanced racing peddles

  • Fully immersive experience






15 mins





30 mins





45 mins





60 mins

(TS) = Triple Screen (VR) = Virtual Reality
What we recommend: We recommend that you should book your time as we only have one simulator, this will avoid disappointment. The are restrictions you have to be 76cm from floor to waist in order to operate the simulators.

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