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Stonerig Raceway gives you years of experience in the
entertainment industry and we are rated 5 star on Tripadvisor
and other platforms.

F1 Simulation

. Full size formula one simulator.
. Fully interactive F1 steering wheel with paddle shift,
clutch pedals, DRS, ERS and many more.
. Direct drive force feedback. You will feel everything.
. Triple screen display for an immersive experience.
. Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift).
. Top Gear style leader board with spectator display.
. A choice of racetracks to pick from.
. THX certified sound system.
. ButtKicker vibration system.
. Adjustable pedals to suit most people.
. A member of Stonerig will run the car.

. Daily Rate Outside £1250
. Daily Rate Inside £1150


Stonerig Hire Track

Our latest hire track Fossil Park is a digital track
which will race up to 4 people at any one time.
You can overtake your opponent and block your
fellow racer by braking in front of them. Or in
most cases knock them off the track!

The Hire Track is completely module – enabling
easy access through narrow doorways. Size 6ft x 8ft.

Daily Rate Outside £750
Daily Rate Inside £600


Stonerig Raceway has 2 digital track Crazy Valley and Canyon Pass. Both tracks can race up to 6 people but we recommend 4 (it gets a bit crazy with 6). You can overtake your opponent and block your opponent or in most cases knock them of the track.

Both tracks can be branded to suite your corporate image.

Touring Car Simulation

. Race seat adjustable.
. Inverted race pedals (adjustable).
. Belt driven feedback system.
. G-force Lcd pro display.
. Classic 7 speed gearbox or sequential.
. Handbrake for the drifting.
. Choice of two steering wheels the McLaren Gt3
or the GT wheel – both come with loads of features.
. THX approved surround sound system.
. Buttkicker vibration system.
. Triple screen display.
. HTC Vive virtual reality.
. Top Gear style leader board.

. Daily Rate Indoor £750
. Daily Rate Outdoor £850

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