Stonerig Raceway Ltd
Questions & Answers 

We have a few frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that are not outlined below
please contact a member of the Stonerig team.


Most frequently asked questions:

(Q) “Do we have any go-karts”?
(A) Unfortunately we do not have any go-karts we do not have the facilities for moving rides.

(Q) “What is Scalextric, Carrera /slot car or as we call it Stonerig Tracks”?
(A) The cars and tracks are scaled down in size. They are operated by using a hand controller.
The average size of the car fits in the palm of your hand.

(Q) “Is it suitable for young children”?
(A) Age range is from age 5 years (younger children require assistance from parent or guardian).

(Q) “Is there a different price for children”?
(A) The price for Scalextric/slot- Arrive n Drive is the same as adults.

(Q) “Can children go on the simulators”?
(A) The simulator usage is dependent on leg length (approx 76cm Measuring from waist to ground for
the F1 sim and Touring car sim) The New sim requires at least 100cm from waist to ground)  This is
because of the foot pedals.

(Q) “Can my child sit on my knee when I’m in the simulator”?
(A) This will not be possible on any of the simulators due to the position/motion of the steering wheel. 

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