Stonerig Raceway Ltd
Terms & Conditions

On entering the premises of Stonerig Raceway Ltd, Unit 2 Milking Green Lees Oldham OL4 5EE you are agreeing to behave and conduct your self in a correct manor; any of the following outlined below could result in you or the group or the party being asked to leave the premises, you are monitored on CCTV at all times. CCTV footage will be used as evidence if needed.


1. Strictly no fighting between members of your group; people you share the unit with or the staff of Stonerig Raceway.

2. Any person or persons causing actual damage to the tracks, cars, simulators or any part of Stonerig Raceways products, service, advertising or  any physical object that belongs to Stonerig Raceway ltd or associated company’s in conjunction with Stonerig Raceway Ltd. Evidence will be supplied to the police for prosecution and you will be charged for any damage incurred.

3. Any individual suspected of being under the influence of alcohol behaving in a manor that is inappropriate will be asked to leave the premises. Any person under the influence of drugs or any banned substance will be asked to leave immediately.

4. Any abusive behaviour towards members of the public and Stonerig Raceway staff will be asked to leave the premises

5. Any one caught Stealing property of Stonerig Raceway will be reported to the police and CCTV evidence supplied

6. Children under the age of 7 years old need to be supervised by a responsible adult, and may need your attention through out the duration of the race session. All children are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

7. Health and Safety prohibit children from running around the tracks and electrical fitments, climbing on the tracks, and destroying scenery.

8. When using the equipment at Stonerig Raceway you will be advised how to use the equipment in the best and correct way. Staff at Stonerig Raceway will be there to give you tips on the best way to handle the cars. Staff also reserves the right to stop you if you are damaging cars and track.

9. If you bring your own cars to race on the track you do so at your own risk. Stonerig Raceway Ltd does not accept any liability for any damage incurred on your car through the result of racing round our tracks. We also do not accept responsibility for accidental  damage to your personal items.

10. Any photo taken of the tracks at Stonerig Raceway are for personal use only. Photos used for commercial gain without the consent of Stonerig raceway Ltd are strictly forbidden. All images are the copyright of Stonerig Raceway Ltd.

11. Stonerig Raceway reserves the right to adapt and change content images, price, and structure without notification.

12. Stonerig Raceway reserves the right to end, start new deals without notification.

13. All party bookings must pay a deposit depending on party option the deposit will be between £20.00 and £50.00 which is non refundable. Please note the party will only be provisionally booked until the deposit has been paid.

14. If you have booked a party you have five days in which to pay a deposit of £20 or £50 to secure your booking, if a deposit is not paid your booking is not secure and may be given to someone else, all deposits are non refundable. Provisionally booking a party does not secure the day and time slot.

15. Fire doors must remain clear at all times.

16. Stonerig Raceway does not accept liability for any lost or stolen personal items during you’re time at Stonerig Raceway Ltd. We cannot accept liability for damage to vehicles or loss of valuables through theft whilst on site. Cars are parked at the owner’s risk.

17. If you are unhappy about any aspect during your visit, please highlight your concern to a senior member of staff before the end of session. We will endeavour to rectify any issues you may have promptly.

18. Stonerig Raceway ltd terms and conditions are not exhaustive and we reserve the right to amend them without notice.

19. Any person using the VR (Virtual Reality) must be 6 years and over.

20. Any person that uses the Virtual Reality head sets agree to do so at there own risk. Any physical or personal effects of using the Virtual Reality headsets are not the responsibility of Stonerig Raceway Ltd. On entering the simulators you agree to our (Stonerig Raceway ltd) terms and conditions. If you have any health issue please consult a your doctor for any advise.

21. Stonerig Raceways simulators are professional training simulator. You must not enter or sit on the equipment or try to operate without their being a member of Stonerig Raceway team to advise and instruct. Any person or persons trying to operate the equipment without a member of Stonerig Present and injure them selves do so at there own risk. It is not the responsibility of Stonerig Raceway Ltd or its staff members. Any equipment or software damaged in the process of customers miss-use will be charged for.