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Touring Car simulation
and virtual reality

The world of motor racing is a competitive one so If you are able to control a McLaren GT3 and push the car to its limits, then put yourself in the racing seat and tear up some asphalt.

With this simulator you have a few options on how you can race: you can either use the triple screens or take your experience to the next level with virtual reality. You also have a few driving options you can race with paddle shift gears, sequential, 7 speed gearbox
and automatic.

Simulator Features

  • McLaren GT3 steering wheel

  • GT touring car wheel

  • Buttkicker vibration system

  • Belt driven feedback system

  • Fanatec inverted pedals

  • Advanced racing display

  • HTC Vive virtual reality

  • Logitec THX certified surround sound system

  • 4k triple screen

  • Manual gear box / sequential

  • Fanatec / Momo hand brake






15 mins





30 mins





45 mins





60 mins

(TS) = Triple Screen (VR) = Virtual Reality
What we recommend: We recommend that you should book your time as we only have two simulators, this will avoid disappointment. The are restrictions you have to be 76cm from floor to waist in order to operate the simulators.

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