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Touring Car simulation
and virtual reality

The world of motor racing is a competitive one so If you are able to control a McLaren GT3 and
push the car to its limits, then put yourself in the racing seat and tear up some asphalt.

With this simulator you have a few options on how you can race: you can either use the triple
screens or take your experience to the next level with virtual reality. You also have a few driving
options you can race with paddle shift gears, sequential, 7 speed gearbox and automatic.

Simulator Features

  • McLaren GT3 steering wheel

  • GT touring car wheel

  • Buttkicker vibration system

  • Belt driven feedback system

  • Fanatec inverted pedals

  • Advanced racing display

  • HTC Vive virtual reality

  • Logitec THX certified surround sound system

  • 4k triple screen

  • Manual gear box / sequential

  • Fanatec / Momo hand brake






15 mins





30 mins





45 mins





60 mins

(TS) = Triple Screen (VR) = Virtual Reality
We recommend that you should book in advance because we only have two simulators, this will avoid disappointment.
Height restrictions: You must be 76cm from waist to floor to reach the pedals in the F1 simulator.

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